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Who am I?

Actually I don’t know, but what I can say is before studying music sciences, I studied psychology, sociology and linguistics and did a Masters in cultural anthropology. My main interests in cultural anthropology were theories of mind, cultural history and system/communication theories. In music sciences I was focused on sound design and technical knowledge concerning sounds and effects.

My first works were avantgardistic electronic sound collages made using different programming languages. After my studies I worked as a writer in a multimedia agency. I then worked for the label ‘Fatal-Recordings’ for two years and went on tour in Europe as a live musician before starting to produce music for others. I also collaborated with different musicians, and did some sound design and audio restoration for films. Musically, I changed from an avantgardistic to a song-orientated approach. Creating songs, designing sounds and producing audio became my main work. I also do video, photographic and graphical work. Sometimes I write articles for online magazines or teach courses in audio production.

My main instrument is the guitar, but I also play bass and some keys. For production I work mostly with Ableton, Logic and Final Cut. I also use external equipment like tube amps, hardware synthesizers, samplers, sequencers and effect units.

Since 2012 I've been working for The Last Secret Society Foundation as music producer and art director. I am also the owner of Dystopia Records [click], the media sub company from The Last Secret Society Foundation.

If you want to know more about my life in Berlin read my „Requiem for Berlin“ at the Sensanostra online magazine. [click]

To download/buy a song from me, visit the shop of Dystopia Records/The Last Secret Society: [coming soon].

What does music production mean to me?

Music production means making the right decisions rather than using as many effects as possible, on every individual track of a song. Skilled music production is mainly a question of experience, technical knowledge and having a certain sensitivity for style, emotional energy and sound. It starts with the recording itself. A bad recording can be fixed and improved only to a certain degree.

Personally I don’t like to produce songs to be as clean as possible because every song has its own personality, which should be developed/improved and not destroyed.

Apart from that my producing style is atmospheric and deep with special attention given to layered detailing.

Do you want to hire me for a production, mastering, an audio restoration or sound designs?

For further information about pieces of content, conditions and prices visit this page: [click]